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Professional Make-up Artistry
Schedule of Fees
Photoshoot/Modeling Comp Cards
$100 per client (2-hour session)                                       
 Includes Personal Consultation
Personal Consultation includes:
Skin Tone & Color Analysis
Professional Makeover Test Shot w/ Professional Photographer 
 Special Occasion (45-minute session): 
$50 per client
DIVA Collection Beauty Party Session:
$50 (2-hour Beauty Session) – includes One Complimentary Makeover                                                                        
$20 per party participant
Fun Session where party participants learn to skillfully apply their cosmetics and unleash the DIVA from within...
Bridal Portrait Makeover (1-hour maximum session):
$50 (required 1-hour prior to Portrait Makeover)
Bridal Wedding Day Makeover (1-hour maximum session):
$50 (required 24-hours prior to event)  
Bridal Party Makeover (1/2–hour maximum session):  
$50 per client
1) The Make-up Artist reserves the right to view, receive, purchase, and/or display professional portraits of each client service is rendered to for portfolio purposes only.                                                                                                                                                                                     
 2) Travel Fees:  Travel fees do not apply to clients living within a 30-mile radius of the Make-up Artist in the Hampton Roads area (Portsmouth, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach).  However, travel fees for locations outside the 15-mile radius of the Make-up Artist are $0.50 per mile (payable to the Artist on event day, prior to Service).  Please refer to Contract for additional, specific details.